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Meet Erika, a compassionate healthcare professional with over two decades of experience. Beginning her journey in 1995 graduating as a Registered Nurse from Curtin University, Erika's career blossomed in Western Australia's Lower Great Southern Region, where she developed a passion for rural family and community health, which eventually lead to the creation of Southern Lactation private practice in the Peel and Bunbury areas south of Perth, Western Australia.

With an commitment to supporting mothers, infants and their families, Erika initially became a voluntary Australian Breastfeeding Association breastfeeding counselor within the newly created Kalamunda Group in the foothills of Perth. Together with her supportive husband Paul, the family also grew during this period with the arrival of youngest daughter; Maia, joining her rapidly growing eldest children Karl and Chloe. Along the way Erika expanded her expertise, acquiring qualifications in child, adolescent, and community health nursing and continued to offer invaluable guidance to families navigating the early stages of parenthood. 

Driven by her dedication to supporting mothers and infants, Erika qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant  (IBCLC) in 2012 (IBCLC Certification L-42827). Her journey led her to various roles, from serving as a Community Child Health Nurse to employment as a Research Assistant at The University of Western Australia's Geddes Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group. Throughout her career, she has contributed her expertise to private practice, in addition to local public child health clinics and corporate providers, enriching the lives of  young families along the way.


Erika has been dedicated to increasing her professional knowledge, seeking to enhance her understanding of breastfeeding issues and the broader field of maternal and infant health. She holds a particular interest in the science of human lactation, exploring the impact of motherless mothers on breastfeeding and parenting, and creating a network of breastfeeding friendly health professionals, peer support groups, and community services to create the much needed multidisciplinary approach to providing holistic support for families. This includes recognition that life with a young baby is often unpredictable, however, with empathetic support a path can often be found through the worrisome moments. 

Having navigated a personal cancer journey, Erika is currently non-practicing as a Registered Nurse Reg No. NMW0001559386 (AHPRA link) however she continues to draw on her wide experience in the lactation support sector in her nominated role and scope as an IBCLC. She implements the life skills and understanding gained through facing challenging experiences to offer empathy, education and evidence based care. 

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